Tuesday, 30 August 2011


I've had a bit of a mooch on http://pintrest.com, I can spend hours on there but amazingly have never joined. I think I'm a bit scared of having my name out there on the web, but as I have a blog now I thought, in for a penny in for a pound and finally requested an invitation. It's such a good site just for surrounding yourself in ideas and inspiration. As an 'indoorsy' type such that I am, it feels good that the community is in my own home.

I have a bit of an obsession with birds, ever since boyf told me about the crow experiments done by Oxford University; setting them simple and more complex tasks to solve. Check them out, bloody amazing!
 I love maps and globes, I just think it's really cool to know where places are; places where I want to go and places that seem worlds away from where I sit. This was an idea for a project I saw online, I really can't wait to try it, we have these horrid chairs and laminated table we bought when we had no money but wanted to have a dining area so we could look civilized, it's the same theory I had when buying a 5 door over a 3 door car!
I really love this idea, I love samples anyway but this is a really simple, modern twist. MUST DO!
I think of this quote when I'm feeling really rubbish and useless. I was watching an interview on TV a few weeks ago with Henry Winkler, the 'Fonz' (of all people!) He was talking about a project he does with young people in schools, he said we all praise the top 10% of a class because they will be doctors or politicians but neglect the bottom 10% who may become builders or plasterers even though those jobs are equally important, I mean, I can't build a house any more than I can perform open heart surgery. I thought it was such a simple but powerful analogy.
As a creature, butterflies really gross me out but when drawn, painted or sculpted I just think they look so beautiful. Maybe it's what they represent; beauty, freedom, nature. Hmm, I think I'm in a particularly hippified mood today...
When I was a kid my sister and I tried to make a chicken-wire sculpture at the bottom of our garden, since then the medium has really intrigued me,
we also covered our sculpture in moss, leading nicely into this image; I love the connection between the mechanical and the earth. It reminds me how everything starts and ends in the dirt.
This is just a fun way to stylise trees, they are crafty little buggers to draw!
This is such a simple idea but looks really cool, all it is is a photo in a jar filled with olive oil, and how cool! I will have to gift one for someone!
How could you not think this looks pretty! Its all crochet I  believe... I wanna wrap my trees up for the cold weather!
Always remember, even in the darkest times. Life is what you make it, we are all beautiful!

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