Friday, 26 August 2011

food network

The food network uk has just started broadcasting on freeview from 6pm-10pm and I have to say I'm hooked. I can't describe what it is; all these 'lifestyle programmes' are so unbelieveably fake, but I'm hooked!

Nigella's bus turned out to be fake *shocker*
I was watching an episode of Nigella Express the other day where she had the ordacity to claim she gets on a BUS to work! I'm sorry Nigella, but if my shared fortune (with hubby Charles Sacchi) is an estimated £110million there's no frikkin' way I'd be getting bus; unless it was my own rock star-style tour bus - coated in gold and diamonds, driven by James Franco... and it flies. On another occasion she 'just whips up' some chocolate croissants for a BREAKFAST MEETING(?!) Keeping in with the scroats eh? I, for one, can't get enough of breakfast meetings(!) Why is it that some presenters make out they're salt of the earth one minute and completely contradict themselves in the next?

There-in lies the reason I love watching them - its car crash tv. Some celebrities are so far removed from reality that they really think 'plebs' like us would believe that they 'just pop to the shops' on the way back from the office. Its a total farce, a mockery - but boy is it addictive! True, I spend the majority of the shows talking to the screen (I'm getting sectioned shortly). Isn't that half the fun of TV? It's totally interactive when I'm watching!

Hey, don't judge - some people have the soaps, I have my food channel!

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