Friday, 19 August 2011

Dear me!

I suppose I can't in any way call today the day from hell, I just feel exhausted! There's a whole shake-up with work which we had a consultation meeting about today after shift for two hours. I guess I'm not feeling negative about it, I could become redundant at the end of it but to be honest I think the service needs the shake up and its for the greater good. But anyway, I shan't bore you all with work issues. I think because I work in a 24/7/365 industry when I do eventually have a weekend off it becomes even more precious. Today my mind wanted to clock off at 2.30 but here I am at half 6 having just got back. Anyhoo - that was just the background to todays photo, I've posted it on facebook as well to show my solidarity to my collegues.

BTW, that photo in the frame behind is my chameleon, Doc. I know - the frame is hideous but theres a story behind it. We got given it as a holiday present (maybe as a joke?) but now we have it. We were looking for a picture to match it's *ahem* charming qualities, so when we got Doc it just made sense - garish animal, garish frame.

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