Monday, 19 September 2011


So, we went to the financial advisor on Saturday with the dream of potentially buying our first house. We must have seen a million houses in the past few weeks/months. But there are a few clear runners, one specifically we are very interested in, which we discussed. So today (Monday) she's putting an offer in for us.

It's a little weird, going to the next step of buying a house; we've never done it before and it seems like a huge expense but I just don't want to line some landlords pocket anymore. At the moment we're paying rent at the same time as saving a deposit, this way we'll be paying roughly the same on mortgage and be able to save for little things like food, clothes.. ya know... But seriously, we're not destitute or anything - it'd be nice to have one of those 'disposable incomes' us 20-somethings are meant to have (before leaving my 20's - which is getting ever closer!)

So that's where we are; waiting for our offer to be accepted or declined. It's quite exciting. You'll excuse my lack of enthusiasm, it ain't my thang, I'm far to british to show emotion.

Just waiting...

But hey, just to change the subject; check out this photograph I found the other day online, isn't it fab? Its by Polish photographer Yevgeny Kaldei, taken in 1941. Listed as on of the most badass was heroes who never held a weapon on

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