Thursday, 22 September 2011

Snood and fingerless gloves

I bought this wool from B&M a while back for *98p a ball!* (although this was before VAT went back up - I think its £1.08 now) I have to admit, primarily I bought it because it was so cheap - I thought I could try different bits out on it before spending money on good wool. But as it happens I really like the colour, so I've made a few bits out of it.
Snood, freshly made today
 I've been looking for a pattern to make snoods for ages, they're so good for bad hair days. I finally found a tutorial on youtube. So much easier than I thought it would be! I did this in a couple of hours - and it's my first one!
fingerless gloves/sleeves
These are crochet - I made them a few months ago, no pattern to them really, just a few rows of single, double and tripple crochet mixed up to create a pattern, and decreasing for the wrists.

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  1. I love fingerless gloves! I can't crochet, though lol