Sunday, 1 January 2012

new year

Well, seems like all i've been doing lately has been working- just come off the shift from hell which topped off the working week from hell. I really pick my timings well; just moved house and not had a single day off since then! Whats christmas or new year? Not seen either yet!

But enough bitching about work- i do really enjoy it, just can be heavy going being part of a 24-7-365 kinda service. On to happy thoughts...

This year i resolve to really try this blogging thing- i stared because i wanted to re-discover my art/craft roots and document my journey, so far i have been a bit lacking. But in my defence i have had a lot on recently. I love to say i hate excuss but it seems i have plenty!

First off i'd like to put up some hand made christmas ornaments i made for my family- partly i made them because i was really short of funds but also because i have a bit of a philosophy on christmas gifts- but i'll talk about that more in the post.

There are a few other projects i'd like to put up but again, i'll put them up later. In the mean time, hope everyone's new year is filled with joy and hope!


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