Monday, 12 December 2011

New House

This house thing feels like it has been going really slowly so far, but the last week its really picked up - really. The middle of last week we were told that the exchange date would be this friday - as in the end of the week. I'm really starting to panic now as I feel completely unprepared.

I seem to have blocked the last house move from my memory and have absolutely no recollection of what we did, how long it took, what services we cancelled - all the details really. I suppose it's hardly surprising really, the last move coincided with when my Mum passed away, that's the lasting memory of that weekend. But this move, it's all good - It's our first house as homeowners, I have a new job next year - me and boyf are at a good place.

I think because last time I didn't have time to think about what could go wrong, as well as the moving and the previously mentioned event I had just been offered a job - it all happened in the space of 3 days, yeah - apparently I can't 'do' one life changing event at a time. So now all I have in my head are the practicalities of getting new services hooked up, ending old services and, of course - getting all our crap moved. The shadow of Christmas is ever looming over me as well - moving house means no cash at the moment as it's all tied up in  deposits etc, so I'm making gifts for family. Unfortunately I can't really do much about that until our stuff is out of boxes, so that leaves a grand total of about a week to make everything. (Not to mention that I'm working pretty much every day of that week). Okay, I'm getting stressed just thinking about it now, chat amongst yourselves - I'll quietly have a panic attack...

So, on to a more positive outlook - I'm really excited about the new house, there's tons of useful space we can utilise (I've already got my eye on the spare bedroom for my craft room/our office) and I'm hopeful that with it being ours rather than rented , my dear partner will be more inclined to pick up after himself - I know, wishful thinking! And we get to spend Christmas in our own house, plus cardboard boxes(!) It'll all be over by the new year, then we can get on with enjoying it. So yeah, in short- I'm stressed but I'm happy, and it's all positive.  Here it is:

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