Tuesday, 15 November 2011

She's Back!

Hi everyone!
First off I'd like to say sorry for being offline for soooooooo long. I've really been away from everyone and everything at the moment but I'm happy to say I'm back in the world of the living!

So the reasons behind my absence - a few posts back I mentioned we were bidding on a house, well - we put a bit on, rejected - put another bid on - rejected, put ANOTHER bid on - finally accepted, hopefully with all things running smoothly from now we should be in by the end of January. Of course I will put pics up when we get in (if we get in - still feeling a bit nervous about it since it had such a tentative start).

On to second point. The last few months have been really crazy at work - I work for the local council and we're going through a restructure at the moment which basically meant everyone's job was disestablished and we all had to apply for new jobs within the new system (regime, she says, tongue in cheek.) There are now nothing like as many people at the level I currently work at (supervisory - nothing to write home about) so it's really competitive. But now I've had my interview and I can get back to my job - and my life.

Sorry about the long post, I just had to explain because I've been stressing out, but I'm back to same old now. Next post I'll be back on my game!

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